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Ept, live at Donovan's Pub.

A couple pictures of Sarah Poulette, from the Barge.

A few pictures of Niko Tinbergen.

Several pictures from Splendiferous over the years, several from recording sessions.

Two pictures of my buddy Johnny, from The League and Taking Over.

A random picture of the pile of junk that started it all...

A few photos of Ept. Spot the one that is photoshopped.

Sarah Poulette - "Waltz in A Minor" from Chickenscratch.

Ept - "Howard" from the t Ep and an upcoming sampler.

Niko Tinbergen - "Moon Chords" (a demo recording)

Rachel Fowler - "Rewind" from Little Bits.

Taking Over - "Something Real" from their demo

Splendiferous - "Spectre" from Rock Star Phase.