Rachel Fowler

"Rewind" from Little Bits

When I first heard Rae playing down at the Barge, I thought it would be terrible if I didn't at least go up to her and ask her if she wanted to record with me. This was the first time I had approached someone I'd never met as the "owner" of a "record label," but I think any misconceptions that title may have conveyed were quickly corrected when I gave her one of my hand-written-on-the-back-of-someone-else's-business-cardTM business cards.

Since then, Rae has performed at the Barge and other places around town, becoming a well-known part of the local music scene. She's written new songs and honed her skills as a musician. I approached her about putting together an album over the summer of 2007, and she agreed, and we recorded her album. It's an excellent collection of her music, and well worth giving a listen.

I started writing poetry and songs when I was thirteen and started playing the guitar when I was fifteen. The writing and the music naturally came together in a fusion that I like to call soft folk/rock. My lyrics come directly from my own experiences or those around me. My songs are very cathartic for me and thus are very personal. Music is something I love and something that heals me and I hope my words reach someone else in the same way. I am now starting my sophomore year in college and life in a totally new place with totally new people gives me a lot more to write about so hopefully there will be a lot more music in my future.