Sarah Poulette

"Waltz in A minor" from Chickenscratch

Sarah is one of the longest-standing musical acts at Colgate. There have been alot of bands and musicians that have come and gone, but for as long as I can remember, Sarah has had a show coming up at the Barge, or something. I don't think a blurb on a website can do her justice, but we'll see. She's played so many shows in four years, and I could easily say she's one of the most recognizable musicians in this town. But enough flattery, on with the story. It's a pretty simple one, I've known Sarah since near our first week, and when I started doing this recording stuff, her name popped into my head pretty readily. She's a talented guitarist and a great songwriter, with vocals to match. So we talked about doing an album for a long time, and then it finally just happened. We sat down one day and gave it a shot, laid down a few takes and got used to things. Then a few days later, we just recorded it all in one go. After a little production, it was all set to go, and hopefully it will stand as a testament to these four years as an outstanding musician.

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