Niko Tinbergen


A band named after Niko Tinbergen made as little sense to me as their original choice of singer did. It was, if anyone remembers, a cardboard cut-out of John Stamos. But when I heard them play for the first time, I was definitely amazed. Despite playing stuff most other acts could hardly keep up with, they were pretty awesome. Joel and Butler are great musicians and have a really strong attachement to playing music and playing it well. I was really happy to get them on board and was just as happy when I wound up in the band. Bassists are in demand, apparently. The name changed, things progressed, songs were written, names changed back, demo tracks were recorded. We've played a few shows, Barge shows, a battle of the bands or two, and of course the infamous Bandfest. Oh, but that story is just too long (and horrible)...

Niko Tinbergen is:
Joel - Guitar, Synth/Drum Programming, Vocals
Butler - Drums, Vocals
Kellen - Bass
Paul - Guitar